Eva Mendes Nude  


Last time I saw Eva Mendes, she was making out with Joaquin Phoenix in We Own The Night. This time around, she's by herself. And man, that's even hotter.

Star-Photographer Steven Meisel (he who also took the famous pictures of Madonna for her Sex Book) had the pleasure of working with Eva Mendes for italian Vogue magazine. The result is not just molto erotico - it's also molto artsy (yupp, my rudimentary Italian just went bye-bye, now I'm drawing blanks).

Vogue published a 13-part-photo-story in which we see Eva Mendes in ever-changing wigs. In one photograph she reminds one a lot on Sophia Loren. I'm digging the pics .... well, there are two (in one she's sucking her toe, in the other one Eva Mendes plays a table) I could do without, but the others a great.

See for yourself - which ones are you digging? Link >>Eva Mendes Vogue Photo-Story

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